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The day has finally come when my mom said we could have a dog!

I realllly want a husky or a shiba inu. Both if I could, and most likely in the future lol but I’ve been wanting a husky ever since I was still living in Korea. The only catch is we have to buy the puppy/dog ourselves and take care of it on our own. Sounds good right? But there’s more ㅠㅠ.We can’t buy a puppy that sheds crazy and our backyard is too small for a big dog. This means getting a husky might be a problem. If it comes down to it, and I can’t get my baby husky ;( I’m all for the shiba inu! They’re about medium size as an adult and super cute as a puppy. Basically the perfect size dog for our family and house.

I’m still debating whether I want a husky or a shiba inu though and I know I won’t buy one until I come back from my trip this summer. It also depends on where I’m going to school next fall, I don’t want to buy a puppy and end up not being able to see it or raise it. It’ll be my best friend and boyfriend <3

Look at those adorable husky & shiba inu puppies!!!!! I want. I want. I want. Now!

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  1. hwaru님이 남긴 말: shiba inu!
  2. charliesuh님이 남긴 말: I’ve decided to raise a dog too. I’m looking for a french bulldog, love that “ugly-cute” look, hahaha
  3. rawrilikefood님이 포스팅했습니다.
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